Camp Info

Things to bring to the camp

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Kitchen:things to bring

  • Tea Towels


  • Toilet Rolls


  • Own Soap and Towels


  • Pillow
  • Sleeping Bag or Sheets Blanket

Camp Rules


  • Wash up areas to be kept clean and tidy.
  • Mop Floors Daily including cool room
  • All food scraps to be put in plastic bags

Dining Hall:

  • Sweep floors daily
  • Mop out on day of departure
  • Please make sure no furniture is to be removed from the main hall – Under Any Circumstances


  • To be kept tidy and swept daily
  • Please do not take blankets and pillows out of the rooms

Shower Blocks:

  • Please keep clean
  • Disinfect floors, toilets and basin daily.
  • Children must be supervised in showers.
  • Please do not waste water


  • Please Park only in the car parking area provided
  • Under no circumstances should there be parking of vehicles on any lawned areas at the camp. Offending vehicles will be asked to be moved.  If this does not occur in a timely manner, camp users/group will be required to vacate the premises immediately.
  • Camp leaders to enforce this rule – future camp bookings may be jeopardised if non-compliant.


  • To be played only behind main shower blocks.
  • No sport in the hall


  • All craft to be conducted in the activities room. Not in the hall


  • Do not litter please use bins provided.

Around the Camp:

  • Please utilise recycling bins as provided.
  • Sanitary Bins are provided in female toilets


  • Please keep noise to a reasonable level after 10:00pm.
  • No noise after Midnight.


Kitchen and Cool room use

  • Please ensure that only authorised personnel enter the kitchen area.
  • NO children are allowed in the kitchen or coolroom areas.
  • All SELF CATERING groups please designate one person to be in charge. All other personnel are not to use the equipment.
  • All appliances are to be CLEANED and left in there right place upon departure.
  • All floors and bench tops to be wiped down thoroughly upon departure.
  • All breakages and losses are to be reported and paid for.
  • DRINK MACHINE: Always ensure drink machine is turned off before refilling.
  • Please keep the area around the drink machine and hot water dispenser clean at all times.
  • Please ensure appliances and hot water is turned off upon departure.
  • For assistance with the Ice Machine, please ask the Caretaker.

sprayKitchen Rules

  • Wash your hands with soap and water before you start.
  • Ask for permission to use the kitchen.
  • Cooking utensils and cutlery to be used for FOOD only.
  • Tea towels are to be used for drying dishes only.
  • Hands are to be dried on paper towels.
  • Kitchen utensils are to be cleaned immediately after use.
  • Cleaning equipment is stored under the sink.
  • Only food and cooking equipment to be stored in the right cupboards and fridges.
  • The coolroom is to be used only by the kitchen staff.
  • Leave the kitchen in a neat, clean manner ready for the next person.
  • Clean the cook tops and the oven thoroughly.
  • Check that no food is left in the ovens.
  • Freezers are to be used only for edible food, not bait.
  • Remember to switch everything off before leaving the kitchen.

Conditions OF USE

The Seaside Camp for Children Incorporated

  1. On arrival the group leader should report to the Caretaker, who is the Association’s representative at the camp.  His advice and assistance is always at the group’s disposal to make the stay a pleasant one and his instructions as to the care of equipment and the general use of the camp must be adhered to.
  2. All cars must be parked in the car park provided. As camp is open to public access, security for your possessions cannot be guaranteed. Bring valuables to camp at your own risk.  A Key Allocation system will be in place from January 2015, Terms & Conditions apply and will be strictly adhered to.
  3. Pets  (cats, dogs etc.) are not allowed in the camp.
  4. There must be sufficient adults to supervise all children at all times.
  5. Campers must bring their own soap and towels, pillow, sheets and blanket or sleeping bag.
  6. In addition to arranging their own catering, each group using the camp must provide dishcloths, oven cloths, tea towels, garbage bags, detergents, disinfectants and toilet rolls.
  7. Damage to property other than fair wear and tear must be paid for by the hirer concerned, including removal of graffiti.  Fixtures, fittings and equipment must not be interfered with or removed from the dormitories they are in.
  8. It is the responsibility of the occupants to KEEP AND LEAVE THE CAMP CLEAN for the next group.
  9. Showers, basins, pedestals and toilets must be given daily attention and kept clean. Kitchen to be mopped daily.
  10. Dormitory and kitchen rubbish and other refuse to be placed in garbage bags and in the bins provided.
  11. There should be no wasteful use of electricity or water.
  12. When leaving, the camp must be left in a clean state and to the satisfaction of the Caretaker.  Lockers and cupboards should be cleaned out and left in their proper places. An additional cleaning fee will be charged if the camp is not cleaned satisfactorily.
  13. The Camp Clearance form provided by the Caretaker should be properly completed on departure and signed by both parties.
A few days ahead, contact the Caretaker – telephone 9527 1127, is to be advised of the number in the group and the arrival time of the group. This is to allow him to have the Camp, hot water system, cool room, fridges etc ready for your arrival.

Issued by the Authority of the Camp Board